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Ellie Cooper

Momcozy - Double M5 Wearable Electric Breast Pump - Gray

Momcozy - Double M5 Wearable Electric Breast Pump - Gray

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Momcozy M5 has a stylish and compact design with 4 colors to choose from and with an exquisite storage handbag so that moms can also show their fashion taste in breastfeeding life, making breastfeeding both beautiful and convenient. M5 breast pump the new concept "Baby Mouth" is structured like a baby sucking at a horizontal angle, painless lactation produces more milk. With a double-sealed flange and ergonomic 105掳 breast wrap design, all-around comfortable fit. Time to take a fresh look at wearable breast pumps, because a radical change is going on with our 鈥淏aby Mouth鈥?breast pump which has found a precise horizontal pumping angle, the exact angle just like the suckling angle from a baby instead of an upward or downward rough nipple-pulling, which can not only realize painless pumping but also intrigue more letdown. Another new twist is made by our vibrate-to-pump mode which can loosen the ducts at the same time when pumping, so as to promise an absolutely smooth pump-out and downright drain-up every time.

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