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Ellie Cooper

Le Creuset 6.75 qt Round Wide Dutch Oven - Cerise

Le Creuset 6.75 qt Round Wide Dutch Oven - Cerise

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The dutch oven works well on all heat sources, including induction and oven safe. The Dutch oven is ideal for making soups, rice dishes, casseroles, roasts, quiches, one pot meals, baked recipes, desserts, cakes, and bread. It provides even heat distribution and superior heat retention. Made using enameled cast iron, this Signature Dutch Oven is resistant to chipping and cracking. The Dutch oven has an advanced sand-colored interior, which makes it easy to monitor food as it cooks to prevent burning or sticking. The lid of this Signature Dutch Oven traps heat and seals in flavor and moisture of the food. This Signature Dutch Oven by Le Creuset is available in different finishes and sizes.

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