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Ellie Cooper

Burton Men's Step on Re:Flex Snowboard Bindings, Gray Cloud, XL

Burton Men's Step on Re:Flex Snowboard Bindings, Gray Cloud, XL

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The Step On binding system from Burton is without a doubt the future of snowboarding! Quick and easy, to put on and take off, are the first stand out features of these bindings. The Step-On bindings have a similar design to classic bindings except the straps have disappeared and have been replaced by three connection points instead. These connection points are placed on each side of the shoe at the front of the foot and in the Achilles tendon area. Simply place your feet in the baseplate and there you go, they're fixed! The Step On Mens is a model for men who are advanced snowboarders. They're one of the most comfortable models in the Burton.In addition to speed, the overall performance of the Step On is incomparable with traditional bindings. Pair them with the Photon Step On, for a style more suited to Freeride. Or, if you go for the Ruler Step On, you will then have the perfect combination to have fun on the slopes and at the snowpark. The shoes dictate the binding. That's why the Step On offers a medium 6/10 flex and medium cushioning to make it a very versatile binding.The Step On is a very responsive binding that literally sticks the foot to the base and against the spoiler. These bindings provide lateral support, for easy flexion. There's no compromise on precision and reactivity with the Step On! The Burton Step On Mens bindings are designed for intermediate to expert snowboarders who don't want to waste any more time putting on their bindings and want to make the most of everything the mountains have to offer.

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