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Ellie Cooper

36 Big Red Magnetic Box Beam Level

36 Big Red Magnetic Box Beam Level

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The Sola 36鈥?Big Red Magnetic Box Beam Level (LSB36M) is the world鈥檚 most accurate box beam level. With maximum deviations less than 0.3 mm/m in standard and less than 0.5 mm/m in inverted position, no other level is more precise. The Big Red has an extra strong aluminum profile engineered to handle relentless use and accidental abuse without losing its shape and compromising your work. Two shock-absorbing end caps protect the level in case of a fall or shock. Equipped with an anti-slip surface, Big Red levels allow for convenient positioning and a secure grip of the level on the measured surface. The level can be held securely with one hand when marking. To make sure you always get the best leveling results, Big Red levels come with only one milled bottom surface. By designing levels around a single measuring surface, extraordinary accuracies are achieved. Robust ferrite pole-shoe magnets ensure a secure grip, This level also features the patened Sola FOCUS vial which provides a 4x higher contrast than ring vials. This allows an easier, faster reading and more precise measuring.

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