Meet our talented hair and makeup team. Specializing in weddings our team has the remarkable experience of styling over 400 weddings!! 


Heather, Hair/Makeup Artist

Working in the industry since 2012, Heather has always been drawn to the world of beauty and cosmetics. After her first job in a salon, she knew it was her passion and enrolled in cosmetology school. She loves the true art and creativity that is put into special occasion and event styling. Her greatest source of inspiration comes from SMS’s brides and their bridal parties. Every wedding and event is always different, with unique visions that allow her creative abilities to come to life. Heather believes there is nothing more rewarding than the accomplishment of working with and creating a style so unique and beautiful for a bride.

A graduate from Elite School of Cosmetology with licensing through the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology, her strengths are in special occasion styling and up-dos. She specifically caters those with naturally curly, textured hair and/or fine and thinner hair types. In her free time, Heather enjoys spending as much time with her two-year-old daughter as possible. She is most looking forward to the launch of the stunning new dress line and knows future brides are going to fall in love with all SMS has to offer.



Emily, Makeup Artist

Emily joined the Shannon Michael Style team in 2016. "I am more than grateful and honored to work with such an amazing women and company," she says. "Shannon has done nothing but inspire me to be the artist I am today in the bridal community."

After the birth of her daughter, she was inspired to follow her dreams and became a licensed Esthetician. Her social media portfolio caught the interest of Shannon, who invited her to audition to be part of her on location team, and the rest is history.

As far Emily's inspiration, she is particularly influenced by other creative females in her daily life, in addition to leading artists in the industry: YouTube star Jaclyn Hill, Kate Lee, and British makeup artist Pat McGrath to name a few. "I love seeing these women push the boundaries on makeup and making everything they touch so glamorous and flawless," she says.



Megan, Makeup Artist/Beauty Blogger

Drawing and painting throughout her childhood led Megan to gravitate towards cosmetics as she grew older. Her start in the beauty industry in 2008 was the result of a part-time job as with a cosmetics company. To maximize products sales, she vigorously trained on how to apply makeup flawlessly on herself and customers. Not long after, customers were referencing her own makeup skills as inspiration, and Megan knew she wanted to nurture her talents. As family, friends, and co-workers added to her client list, she gained great exposure and created a wide range of romantic makeup looks.

She is proud of her ability to be a chameleon and understand each client in order to provide a unique look. It is fulfilling for her to learn about and put at ease each bride that sits in her chair. She has always been an artist and a creative first; makeup comes second. Megan’s favorite source of inspiration is the bold and beautiful 90’s supermodel, creating timeless makeup looks from this era. She is now able to take her love for art and bring it through the world of cosmetics and into the bridal industry.

        Vicky, Assistant Stylist

Currently majoring in Costume Design at Kent State University, Vicky has experience in designing, sewing, hair styling, and makeup. Her styling and cosmetics interests come from her mother, who has been a hair stylist for more than 30 years. Vicky’s overall source of inspiration comes from fashion all over the world. She is fascinated by how it is continuously evolving and gives individuals a way to express themselves. The time this wasn’t true was for her sister’s wedding dress, and Vicky ended up being inspired to design and sew the gown for her.

She is the youngest of three sisters. In her spare time, she enjoys sewing, drawing, dancing, and relaxing. As she learns and gains more experience, she hopes to earn more responsibility within Shannon Michael Style. With her creative background in dressmaking, she hopes to be a strong asset for the new bridal gown line as well as on-location hair and makeup.